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It was recently discovered that both old-school BG2 and the Enhanced Editions of BG1 & BG2 treat kits of classes other than mages Kensai: Advantages: Bonus +1 to hit and damage for every 3 levels. Bonus -2 AC. Bonus -1 to speed factor for every 4 levels. May use Kai ability once per day for every 4 levels (staring with 1 use at level 1). This ability lasts 10 seconds and causes all. Kensai are by far my favorite fighter kit. 1 · Share on Google+ Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Chronicler Member Posts: 1,203. August 2018. Permidion_Stark said: I think the Kensai has been designed badly and doesn't really do what it should. The Kensai should be the character who when surrounded by loads of heavily-armoured samurai can dodge all their blows by moving fast. Kensais. **Ranger kits:** Archer: Like the Kensai, but specifically for bows (long, short, and cross). Bows are unbelievably powerful in BG1. In BG2, they suffer a little from the fact that unlike melee weapons, their damage output doesn't increase with stats - but the Archer's abilities compensate for that neatly, and they'll deal hot ranged death all trilogy long. Their disadvantages are definitely. Kensai can have a mage cast Spirit Armor on them for the equivalent of full plate AC, and actually combined with the innate -2 AC bonus, it is like full plate+2 while naked. If you don't have a mage with Spirit Armor, you can get the Shield Amulet from Nalia's stronghold, which has the equivalent AC of splint mail and when combined with the innate -2 AC bonus it becomes only one point worse.

An archer kit would be incredibly powerful in BG1/Tutu but is actually not a particularly good class in BG2. I am not really sure why you would list conjurer as one of the best classes when a sorcerer is better and doesn't lose divination spells. When people play a solo mage game, they almost always choose the sorcerer and not one of the mage kits Kit Overview Fighter: Berserker: May go into a Rage to increase fighting prowess but suffers fatigue afterwards. Can't become proficient in ranged weapons. Wizard Slayer: Makes spell failure more likely for mage enemies, and has magic resistance. Can't use many magical items. Kensai

Kit Revisions aims to rebalance and tweak the classes and kits available in the Baldur's Gate II engine. Notable priorities include making all kit choices equally interesting, providing unkitted characters with similar capabilities to kitted ones, ensuring that kits are effectively balanced in Tutu and BGT, and expanding upon the concepts behind individual kits and classes Kensai, What Good Is He? Can't wear any armor, even if he dual classes to a cleric. That means his best possible armor class, obtainable only in BG 2, is -3 (+2 ring, ring of Gax, and cloak of the sewers). That means he is basically all offense, no defence Kensai Mage dual class guide: Part 2, Throne of Bhaal. Kensai Mage dual class guide: Part 3, Shadows of Amn . Race: Humans are the only race that can dual class. Ability scores: Strength Improves melee THAC0 and damage. Really important attribute. Dexterity Improves ranged THAC0, armor class and allows you to act earlier in combat. Important for all characters. Constitution Gives a bonus to.

Kensai gets additional Let alone the moment you dual to thief, [Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition] PC version ETA Taking a human kensai and dual-classing to mage or thief is It makes Kensai/Thief or Kensai/Mage classes look. BG2 Kit Creation: Game Files Involved would have the value for thief in this contains the minimum stat requirements to dual. Kensai jest bez dwóch zdań jedną z najpotężniejszych podklas, w walkach jeden na jeden nie ma raczej sobie równych, zabija szybciej przeciwnika niż ten zdąży go poważniej zranić, nawet jeśli przeciwnik ma wysoką Klasę Pancerza, przy TraK0 kensai to nie gra to żadnej roli, bo ma najlepsze TraK0 (bazowe) ze wszystkich klas. Premie, jakie otrzymuje całkowicie niemal równoważą.

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  1. Before anyone points out the obvious M/Cing restriction I have SK and this lets me use a single kit if I want to. But enough of that, obviously at the start and until you get past the SoA xp cap at least the Kensai would be better, but what about when the charcters backstab reaches +6 and then +7? the Kensai would be better for overall melee but assasin has a higher modifier so which one.
  2. Choosing which Fighter Kit; Kensai, kensai, kensai. Kensai/mages are incredible. There is essentially zero downside. The biggest detractor to picking up Kensai is the inability to equip armors, but you can still use robes for your chest slot. It isn't like mages would equip otherwise for a significant period of time anyway, and Robes of the Arch-Magi or the Robes of Vecna both give 5 AC so it.
  3. Compare that to a level 16 Kensai dualed to a level 26 Mage. The K/M will have better THAC0 (by 1 I think) due to the kensai kit, and hit for 6 more damage than the F/M. Then, in addition to being a better fighter, the level 26 mage will have a total of 5 more spells per day than the level 20 mage, including extra level 8 and 9 spell slots. Plus their buffs will last longer due to being a.

To be honest, Kensai is not without any protection though. Its kit comes with an inherent -2 AC, what equals with leather armor, but without any weaknesses, making it in many cases equal to more stronger armours. Then there are consumables, and those are a plenty. With the incrised thac0 Potion of Stone Form is like specialy designed for this kit BG2 Kit Mods > Home > Mods and Patches > Baldur's Gate 2 > BG2 Mods > BG2 Kit Mods. Animal Companion: Leopard | Added: Feb 24, 2011 | Notify of Dead Link | Animal Companion: Leopard, a new ranger Kit. Rate This Website. Armiger | Added: Feb 25, 2011 | Notify of Dead Link | A defensive fighter kit. Rate This Website. Auror | Added: Feb 25, 2011 | Notify of Dead Link | Auror, a new ranger kit.

BG2: SoA Image Gallery; BG2: ToB Image Gallery; Game Resources . FAQ; BG2: SoA Forum; BG2: ToB Forum; Buy The Game . Buy it on Amazon! Buy it on eBay! Advertisement . Kensai (Fighter Kit) This class is also known as the Sword Saint, and consists of a warrior who has been specially trained to be one with his sword. They are deadly, fast and trained to fight without encumbrance. Available Race. Je te dirais bien un 18 partout, mais ça risque d'être dur . FOR: il me semble qu'un 15 est suffisant étant donné que c'est la carac principal du kit de départ. DEX: un kensai n'a pas d'armure, donc 18 pour la CA (un 19 est inutile, ça n'apporte qu'un bonus aux armes à projectile). CONS: le max, vu que c'est un guerrier.Tu pourras ainsi avoir la meilleur évolution de PV

BG2 Kit Creation: Game Files Involved would have the value for thief in this contains the minimum stat requirements to dual-class TO the kit/class in, Kensai/Mage Soloing guide: Gate II forums are questions about the dual classed Kensai/Mage. This class is very files from GameBanshee's Kit Mods; The Artisan's Kitpack for BG:EE, BG2:EE and IWD:EE Submitter. Artemius I View other files from this member. SUPPORT TOPIC File Information Submitted: Aug 09 2018 08:49 AM Last Updated: Jul 09 2020 07:38 PM File Size: 22bytes Views: 2993 Downloads: 1656 Previous Versions. 04 Jun 2019 The Artisan's Kitpack for BG:EE, BG2:EE and IWD:EE v1.4; 02 Feb 2019 The Artisan's Kitpack for BG:EE. Parmi les kits par défaut de BG2, seuls les Justiciers ont un ajustement de caractéristique. Chloe, par exemple, utilise un kit de Kensai non-disponible pour le PJ, et qui empêche le jumelage. Code: ~0x00004000 3~ L'indicateur d'utilisabilité de KITLIST.2da . J'ai encore une fois espacé afin de correspondre aux colonnes, bien que ce ne soit pas strictement nécessaire. Référez-vous. This in-progress mod adds several new kits to the Infinity Engine games, including Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. New kits include the following: Fighter Arcane Archer Emily (must be installed after kitpack) Berserker Kensai Vanguard Khalid Ranger Dark Hunter Rashemi Berserker Minsc only Paladin Divine Champion Ajanti

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  1. For the fighter class, the pure fighter and the berserker are good for non-dual characters. The Kensai's high AC makes him a secondary fighter at best. Among the ranger kits, only the archer seems worth your while. A multiclass ranger cleric is a very flexible character though
  2. Les kits de classes Les kits de classes correspondent à la spécialisation d'un personnage dans sa classe originaire. Adopter une 'sous-classe' permet d'obtenir quelques avantages au détriement de quelques inconvénients. Normalement, Baldur's Gate 2 devrait comprendre une vingtaine de kits pour l'ensemble des 8 classes accessibles
  3. * Minsc's kit title to be changed to Rashemaar Ranger. * Sarevok gets a proper Deathbringer kit, instead of the one ability he has now. Embed Buttons . To promote NPC Kit and grow its popularity , use the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire. Or try our widget. Post article Articles. No articles were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you.
  4. BG2: ToB Image Gallery; Game Resources . FAQ; BG2: SoA Forum; BG2: ToB Forum; Buy The Game . Buy it on Amazon! Buy it on eBay! Advertisement . Classes. Welcome to our Baldur's Gate II classes section! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the respective area. Classes Standard Classes . Barbarian; Bard; Cleric; Druid; Fighter; Mage; Monk.
  5. Yup. That, and a Kensai/Mage in BG2 can indeed wear Robes. Niiiice. =D >Additionally, he gets enough thaco benefits that even a lvl 9 kensai >can connect reasonably well with the top end mobs in the game. IIRC, a Level 9 Kensai/Level 17 Mage will have a THAC0 of around 1 (with *** in you weapon of choice and 19 Strength)

BG2: ToB Kit SPL Files. NB. GA_ = Gain Ability, the spl is given as a castable abilitiy (usually an innate spell). AP_ = Apply Spell, the spl is cast on the character. Berserker . GA_spcl321 Enrage AP_spcl322 Disable Magic casting button. Wizard Slayer. AP_spcl131 +1% Magic Resistance GA_spcl132 Cumulatie 25% spell failure AP_spcl133 (give item effect spcl132) Kensai. AP_spcl141 +1 to hit. mm j'ai joué un kensai du début a la fin je suis pas un jumeleur moi,mais j'ai fait tout les kits de bourrins niveau 10,leger avantage pour le barbare niveau 20 gros avantage pour le kensai niveaau 30 énorme fossé entre les autres et le kensai,a partir de niveau 24 25 il devien colossal,pas une bonne CA mais il bourrine tellement.. In BG2, the Kensai-mage, berserker-cleric, and berserker-druid essentially make you equal to a full fighter AND a full caster. You don't get quite as many attacks as a full fighter and you don't get access to high level fighter abilities like Whirlwind Attack, but you gain a whole lot more. (BTW another favorite build is the wizard slayer - thief So yeah, sure, on a few select encounters, Berserker is hands-down better than Kensai, including the Mind Flayer city. But outside of those, I always felt that the Kensai was better, and no worse off than any other class when it comes to things like Maze/Imprisonment. When going solo, you're probably right, though - Berserker may be well. The Kensai actually never was folded into 2e. OA was 1e (mid 80s), and then The Horde boxed set for FR brought in many of the Kara-Tur aspects, so gamers had to take it as a matter of course to simply bring the OA material as-was into their 2e campaign. FR splatbooks at the time took the monk back, but the Kensai was never really revisited. As.

I'm planning on a fighter/thief combo when I get my copy of BG2. Good hit points from the fighter part, it's a role I like to play because I like to be at the front, and I love hiding in shadows and backstabing my enemies (kill them in one hit, yes!). May take the Wizard Slayer kit as well for added fun (though I'm not sure if I can live with the downsides of that yet).--Steve. P.S. This is my. Hi, I encountered an annoying bug with the BG Tweakpack V5. I recently started using BGT-Weidu for the first time and chose a Kensai as PC. On leveling he only got one or two HP while using the Convenience Tweaks and/or Cheats component for Higher HP on Level Up with NWN style or two while using maxed out HP.After uninstalling this component everything worked out fine and I got maximum Hit. I've played through BG2 maybe 10 times, with all different configs, and this was the most fun I had. Thanks to the Berserker Rage (a bit diff than Barbarian Rage), and the Cleric spell Chaotic Commands, your character is pretty much immune to any mind control spells, and things that slow/immobilize you. Add in a fierce THAC0, AC, and weapon proficiencies, and you rock the game. Play solo AND. Mutliclassed Kensai/Cleric? Oh yeah those are possible. Using a tome will removes the all of active creature's current kits and add the specified kit. Abilities from any previous kit are removed if applicable. Class restrictions do apply for kits. When attempting adding an invalid kit, the existing kit (if any) will be replied; it will be as if nothing happened. So if you do not qualify for. Druid dualed to a Kensai (shadow keeper allows you to dual your 2nd class as a kit by simply choosing your kit while still in your first class and then when you acctually do dual to a fighter you will automatically become a Kensai - this does not give you any Kensai attributes untill you dual, so no cheese here - simply overcoming a game defect that won't allow a class kit on your second class.

For example, the kensai kit provides a -2 bonus to the character's armor class. -2 would usually indicate a penalty, but since the modifier is explicitly described as a bonus, we can determine that the kensai kit actually improves the character's armor class by 2 points. Dice: The game runs on a random number system, using virtual dice to generate results. These dice are. Aerie Elven Berserker/Mage/Cleric - Wizard Slayers and Kensai kits won't work well with a mage/cleric combination. But Berserkers are a cool pairing. Like Jaheira receiving Enrage, Aerie gets this too, making her another formidable foe against demi-liches. Just pop a Mace of Disruption+2 in her hands and let her go to town. Nalia Elven Kensai/Mage/Thief - See Imoen; Nalia Elven Fighter. Partida BG2/TOB guerrero drow kensai (solo) - posteado en Serie Baldur's Gate: Hace unos años subí una partida del BG1 (EE) con algunas capturas. Ahora voy a hacer lo mismo con el BG2 y voy a pasarme (o intentarlo) el Torreón del Vigilante por primera vez en mi vida, es el único contenido de la saga que me queda por superar. Una de estas veces me puse a jugar con un Hechicero, cuya. Bonjour à tous je ressors BG2 apres presque 10 ans dans le placard et je viens trainer ici pour glaner 2-3 trucs utiles et j'en ai déduit que le kensai/mage est l'une des classes les plus fortes. Kensai/Mage Spellcasters are king once you hit BG2. Unless they changed to walk speed in the EE, archers are king in BG1. Kensai can't use bows. Berserker adds a nice melee buff to a cleric. Ranger is bugged so you get all the high level druid spells that you aren't supposed to get if they haven't fixed that in the EE. Kensai/Mage is rough in.

BG2 made up for this by introducing High Level Abilities, from which In general, you're better off dual classing into thief rather than out of it. A Kensai dual classed into Thief can be a very strong melee combatant, for example. If you do intend to start as a thief at level one, then using the Swashbuckler kit is a very good idea - you give up the Sneak Attack ability but the +1 AC, hit. Fixpacks (BG2 Fixpack or Tutufix) BGT (if using) Technical stuff (ToBEx) Quest-Related Mods (Check the Bodies, Unfinished Business, etc.) NPC mods Kit Mods (including things like Rogue Rebalancing) Item/Spell changes (Item Revisions, Spell Revisions/Divine Remix, etc.) Tactics mods (Ascension, Tactics, Sword Coast Stratagems I/II, Improved Anvil (ugh)) Tweaks (BG2 Tweak Pack, BGTTweaks, Level. I haven't tried seeing if you can dual class from kits like a kensai to another kit like a swashbuckler. I do think the editor does restrain you here (will have to take another deeper look). There's a lot of other things that the editor permits you to do like changing items, levels, setting flags, etc. Outside of boosting levels for one of my triple class combos, I really attempt to avoid.

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Kit description can be viewed here. ITEM PACK. The main component also adds several items that are exclusive to the shadow adept. Some can be found in BG1+SoD and all can be found in BG2. Some items require the shadow adept to have a secondary class in addition to the kit itself. Bear in mind that the quest component is required for a few of. kensai/thief and gesen bow Baldurs Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal Ironworks Gaming Forum > The Kensai kit restricts all missile weapons, except for ones that can be used in melee as well duh...I knew that!! Feel kinda stupid now [img]smile.gif[/img] Thanks for the replies y'all! 11-16-2005, 10:50 AM #6: Zink Whistlefly. Avatar . Join Date: March 20, 2005. Location: North. Kensai thief guide bg2. The Rogue Rebalancing mod should be compatible with most other WeiDU mods. Unless otherwise instructed, always install Rogue Rebalancing after any other mods in order to ensure maximum compatibility. Specific compatibility issues for each component are listed in their respective readme files. Installation. This mod is packaged and installed with WeiDU . The primary.

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Baldur's Gate 2 - les Ombre d'amn, membre de JeuxOnline. Les compétences spéciales de Baldur's Gate 2 - Arme empoisonnée: accessible aux assassins Quand elle est utilisée, cette compétence permet à l'assassin d'enduire sa lame de poison afin d'empoisonner sa prochaine cible This is a persistent bug in BG2. The upcoming G3 Fixpack will remedy the issue, and Faerie Fire, Globe of Darkness, Dancing Lights. (Created by Kensai Ryu-- this component also appears in D0Tweak.) Vampire abilities are standardised, so they will all use Domination and Fear to a degree suitable to their experience. Their intelligence is also vastly overhauled, allowing them to adapt to. I'm about to start a BG2 run too, and I've played it too much to find any of the standard kits terribly interesting. Are there any good custom kits floating around? The ones I've found seem to either be Kensai clones, or wildly overpowered (Hi, I'm the golem summoner) Main article: Kensai Category for all creatures with the kensai class kit , based on KIT.ids (KENSAI) . Note: Manual addition of this category to any article is not recommended, as a properly filled infobox will automatically categorize it. Kensai Ltd is a UK company that uses bespoke hyper-scaling cloud native AI to read millions of social media and news articles to extract entities, keywords. Ecole de magie...comment ca marche? Par Draskar Eliot le 1/2/2003 à 21:57:20 (#3150838) Un mage, dès lors qu'il se spécialise, gagne un sort en bonus par niveau, mais se voit interdire l'apprentissage des sorts de l'école opposée

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In 1998 Interplay published a role-played game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe called Baldur's Gate. It went on to become one of the most popular non-MMO (massively-multiplayer) RPGs of all time, and spawned a sequel and three related titles (Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, and Planescape: Torment), which would all be considered classics in their own rights Kensai Ryu's Random Wilderness Encounters Improved Undead Improved Golems Gebhard Blucher's Improved Mind Flayers Smarter Dragons Smarter Beholders Kensai Ryu's Smarter Vampires Slightly Smarter Mages and Liches Fighter-Class Archer Kit Anti-Paladin Kit Göran Rimén's Improved Nymphs Kensai Ryu's Improved Copper Corone

BG2 used Planescape Torment's and Icewind Dale's Infinity Engine to render scenes. (Acutally the Infinity Engine was first used in BG1, released in 1998. Black Isle did Planescape in 1999) Thanks to BG's widely accepted Best RPG Game ever state, fans started engineering tools to hack the file system used by this engine. Various File extractors and speech decompilers started showing. All seek to improve the atmosphere in BG2--be it by enhancing enemy environments, abilities or intelligence. The first option will install improvements to general creatures and bosses, and will make various changes to the environments in which you will encounter these creatures. The second option will install improvements to general creatures and to bosses, but omit changes to the areas. The classic adventure returns! Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition includes the original Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, and all-new content including three new party members Resolution, kits, opcodes, duel wielding... you name it. The idea came to me one day when I imported a charater from BG1 into BG2, a fighter, and turned him into a Kensai. I realized that taking a character that I intended to make into a Kensai from the very beginning and letting them wear armor (the temptation is irresistable) only to get the Kensai benefits later was simply broken. I then.

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Changed organization of installation options, categorizing components into Basic, Kit, and NPC groups; Lots more bug-fixing and improvement of existing components; Version 0.9.9 - October 19, 2014. Compatibility with the proficiency overhaul added for all mod kits, and for BG2 starts; Lots of bug-fixing and improvement of existing component GH: Tak: Ding0 Tweak autorzy: SimDing0, CamDawg, the_bigg, Ghreyfain, Avenger, Kensai Ryu, Jaysyn; Angel (wersja kompatybilna z BGEE/SoD) | tłumaczenie: Damian. Kensai/Thief or Kensai/Mage duals have the problem that you have to be a kensai for a long time before you can use Use Any Item (armors) or spells (Stone skin and project image) to be really safe. Fighter/Mage/Thief multiclass has the disadvantage of slow leveling (which doesn't apply because you don't have to share the experience points with 5 other party members, thus you'll still level up. Removed custom kensai kit; Version 3.1. Small interjection bug fixed; Haer'Dalis interjection fixed; Flirt bug fixed; Fixed a problem with the lovetalks that occurred if Bodhi did not kidnap Nathaniel; Updated to WeiDU-197; Version 3. Typographical errors fixed and major dialogue changes and additions; Added the possibility of remaining friends with Nathaniel after Jaheira's and Aerie's. Gibberlings3 (another community that I have not spent as much time with but has numerous unique NPCs, kit packs, and more). Weidu (the guy that designed the installer that nearly all of these mods used. He hosts the famous Tactics mod and his famous Solaufein dark-elf NPC) Tactics mod: If all you're looking for is a deeper challenge. Look no further. The Tactics mod's goal is to increase the.

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  1. Amelyssan the Blackhearted was a priestess and deathstalker of Bhaal whom he entrusted with the task of resurrecting him. Amelyssan was capable of convincingly pretending that her greatest desire was to help other people (besides of masking her alignment as lawful good), but in truth, she is psychotic and irredeemably evil. She was a megalomaniac and completely remorseless, regarding others as.
  2. CamDawg and the G3 BG2 Fixpack team for letting me borrow some of their code; Blucher and the G3 BG2 Tweaks team for letting me borrow the PnP spell progression table for Bards; DavidW, CamDawg, Nythrun, devSin, Horred, the bigg, cirerrek, igi, SimDing0, Vulgar Zildrah, Kensai Ryu, Xyx and all the other Detectable Spells contributor
  3. d kits from BG2 are included as well as abilities/feats etc... I
  4. Saerileth romance has reached version 19. This recent release includes an updated Russian translation. Who is Saerileth? Saerileth is an outer-planar human, sent to Toril for a specific mission
  5. Che diventerà ma mano una macchina di morte...consiglio:il kensai basa ovviamente la sua forza negli attacchi e non nella difesa, di conseguenza più attacchi hai per round e più riesci a colpire il nemico più è forte il kensai...quindi ti consiglio lo stile con 2 armi con FURIA CELESTIALE che blocca il nemico e rende quindi più facile colpirlo...un kensai con furia celestiale e lama nera.

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Kensai-Mago « Older Newer hum.. sarà perchè ho ToB in inglese che ha cambiato anche gli scritti di BG2 in inglese.. cmq mi ricordavo lo stesso che installando in ordine BG2, patch, ToB, patch dovrebbero eliminarsi tutti i bug dei nomi degli oggetti, insieme pure a Sir Anomen, un amico mio aveva risolto così.. non mi ricordo il numerino preciso della patch, ma sempre l'ultima uscita. Baldurs Gate: BiG World Project x1 [SubZero400] [MOD] [RUS] Год выпуска: 2001/2011-2017 Жанр: RPG Разработчик: Bioware/Leonardo Watson Издательство: SubZero400 Тип издания: Неофициальный Язык: только русский Таблетка: не требуется Платформа: Windows.

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Is there any way to get these for the original bg2? I noticed some really cool ones that werent in the original pack. Reply Good karma Bad karma +2 votes. Guest Dec 26 2017. Thanks mate, this saves me a lot of effort for digging up avatars, really appreciate it Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote. Post a comment . Sign in or join with: Only registered members can share their thoughts. So come. Below is a list of all known weapons in the game. Details on its damage, THAC0, weight and speed are also found next to the items. If you notice somethin A female kensai demigoddess NPC with an optional romance for a female PC or Imoen if she is in the party. Yes, Chloe is a lesbian romances mod. Because of interjections this mod must be installed after Nalia Romance and after Tashia. Kivan and Deheriana Companions for BG2 v8.1 (formerly Kivan of Shilmista You can even select a Class Kit for your character. There are a few drawbacks to importing. First, a character that has already Dual Classed in BG cannot select a Class Kit for his inactive class. A Kensai to Mage in BGII is a combination that many swear by, but if you already Dual Classed in BG, it won't be available to you. Nor can you be a Half-Orc, Sorcerer, Monk or Barbarian, races and. Avec BG EE, tu as accès aux kits de classe de BG2. Je me limite pas à la classe voleur, mais vraiment rogue/filou. Je pense avoir trouvé mon équipe, reste plus qu'à tester si c'est viable :/ Elminster this, Elminster that. Give ME two thousand years and a pointy hat and I'll kick his arse! 25/07/2017, 14h52 #3651. ravenloft75. Voir le profil Voir ses messages Message privé Banni.

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This walkthrough was originally written for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game Chloe is a female kensai NPC. She is romanceable by human, elven, and half-elven females (although Imoen must be in the party for the romance to succeed). If the PC is male or not interested in a romance or Chloe is not interested in a romance with the PC and Imoen is in the party, she will romance Imoen. Yes, as you may be pleased or shocked to hear, Chloe is a lesbian romance mod! Chloe is. Though a kensai dualclassed to mage is one of the most powerful combinations in BG2 (also most cheesy). Also, you can have specialist mages in BG1 (they are not that great anyway). But yes, it's usually better to make a new character in BG2. Esp if you have a cleric, since the cleric kits have (almost) no drawbacks but plenty of bonuses (same.

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I first saw this over at a BT site, I posted the installed mods. Here are the links from Spellhold Studios, the mod site. Time to replay Baldur's Gate. :) Text This is a mega mod thinapp installation of the Baldur's Gate series that will allow you to play all the games straight through.. edit: Oh ya, those stats are for plain BG2, with a lvl 7-8 fighter and a lvl 20 cleric, with ToB, even better. Kensai/Mage is good, but weaker without buffs because it can't wear armor, Fighter/Cleric is just as strong as any combat character by day, but when it casts their buffs... no combat character gets near its ownage

& Throne of Bhaal (BG2 Expansion, PC) to take a kit. Favorite Kits: Fighter -- > Kensai (great fighters, and when dualled to a mage become extremely powerful, I've also heard good things about Kensai/Thief combinations) Mage -- > Conjurer (you lose some spells, but you can summon with the best of them! This is more subjective than the others) Druid -- > Shapeshifter (If you've played Cernd. Reviews Baldur's Gate II lives up to its reputation as one of the all-time best RPGs, and if you're looking for a no-fuss way to play it, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition is exactly that The point is, maybe a beastmaster kit would fit more to her charachter Yoshimo trapper Hashimoto There isn't much to talk about YOshimo. He goes with his previous strategy. Tasheron bow and traps before TS quest, Yosi katana+Blade of Night+mourner armor in, and after TS main quest Kachiko supertank Nakanishi I let her at the beginning with her dualwielded scimitars, but her effectiveness.

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